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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  October 3, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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pressure and that is a mow tape. 53 fairfield. 68 san francisco. so everything is flip-flopped he 67 at sfo. 63 san jose. walnut creek 51. some areas on the cool side, some areas very warm. there is hardly any breeze whatsoever. napa has a little bit of a northeast. we are smooth sailing clear skies and it will billion hot. 90s for many. 90s antioch and san francisco will be about the same temp today. >> we have live pictures i should say from taylor boulevard. this is city crews working their way to restore power after one car crashed and damaged a utility box. five people were in this car. all of them were taken to the hospital. you can see the police are still out there and the traffic lights are not working. once again this is pleasant hill road at taylor boulevard.
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pretty busy intersection. alex savidge will have more on the scene. we're not sure if alcohol played a role in this crash. but you can see for yourself this is a crash we have video of it here. you can see how badly damaged that car is and that power pole or that power box is. again five people were taken to the hospital. alex savidge will have more on what happened and we're trying to also figure out if alcohol played a role in this crash. that will be up at the top of the hour in less than a half hour from now. all right let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound traffic is moving along pretty well. there are no major problems here. it's a nice light drive into the city. in the livermore valley this is the west you will get. 580 looks great. of course we are not looking it will stay this way. but right now 580 looks good. it's 4:31 let's go back to the desk. we also have developing news in san francisco this
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morning. a water main break sent water gushing on to the side of streets and into homes. tara moriarty is in the city's bay view neighborhood where some families have been busy trying to stop the flooding. tara. >> reporter: that is right. we just received an update. 6-7 homes off of key streets has been flooded. you take a look behind me here. you can see the water is still flowing. take a listen here. you can see even after 4.5 hours it's still going. across the street if you look there, there is a car parked there. the force of the water was so great when it came down the hill that it ripped the bumper off of that car. the break happened around midnight. water has been cut off to homes on about three blocks until they can get in and repair the problem. crews have been out here for 4.5 hours. city officials say they did lose quite a bit of water. they were not able to give us an exact estimate. they were able to pinch off the
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line but they do have it under control now. >> we had a main break here of a 12-inch water line that occurred around 12:00 a.m.. it resulted in a couple flooded homes down the hill from where the main break happened. >> reporter: again there was quite a bit of damage to the homes. several cars were also damaged. officials say they all wait until it's light out to wake up the people and let them know exactly what happened. this is quite a mess out here. back out here live, you can see there is a bunch of mud out here in the middle of the street. and we have a couple of blocks that are quarantined off by the san francisco police department. definitely if you live in this area, you will not be able to get in and out for quite some time. we haven't been given an exact estimate when it will be cleaned up but we imagine it will run through the morning rush. >> thank you. investigators in oakland are look for the cause of that huge fire that damaged three
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homes. it started last night on redding street near interstate 580 in the city's max well park neighborhood. this is new video coming in. the fast moving fire raced from one home to two others. firefighters had to avoid a downed power line right outside the burning buildings. they had to take a narrow staircase up four flights just to get to the home that had the most damage. >> it was a very tough fire fight going up a steep hill, into a structure fire. this is unusual for a firefighter to have to face that. >> one home was damaged in the fire was a total loss. investigators are trying to identify a body that was found inside of a burned down garage. the fire was on a vacant property yesterday afternoon. firefighters found the body inside once the flames were knocked down opinion so far it's not known how that person
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died. investigators say squatters were recently ez stricted from that garage but a neighbor says he saw one person return to the property the night before. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. but it is considered suspicious. police are in facing two violent robberies. they both happened last night along the aloni greenway. police say one man was shot, another beaten in two separate incidents just a short time apart. both victims are believed -- the lawyer of jahi mcmath heads back to court with evidence he proves the 13-year- old girl was still alive. attorney christopher dolan says he plans to show a judge video of jahi moving her limbs and other signs of life. dolan is hoping to convince the
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judge to revoke her death certificate. the 33-year-old freelance news photographer was covering the ebola epidemic with dr. nancy snyderman when he came down with a slight fever. dr. snyderman and the rest of her crew are fine, but they will return to the u.s. and they will be quarantined for 21 days as a precaution. we also have more information in the case from a man from liberia recently diagnosissed with ebola in dallas, texas. while thomas duncan is under going treatment at the hospital, the woman that he was visiting and her family are quarantined at her apartment. duncan's friend told cnn anderson cooper she hasn't been able to get rid of the bed
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sheets and towels duncan used. >> so you took them off the bed and put them into a plastic bag? >> he filled out a form saying he did not care for anyone that was infected with ebola. but someone said he had been helping ebola patients in liberia. the dallas hospital is telling him why he was sent home with antibiotics after the first trip to the emergency room. duncan flew to the u.s. on two separate united airlines flights. the carrier says it's in the process of contacting several hundred passengers that flew on those planes. united will give them contact
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information to the centers for disease control and prevention. the airline will stress to the passengers that there is quote zero risk of transmission. another current health scare is a severe respiratory illness affecting chirp. coming up at 6:00, similarities to the common cold and polio. time is 4:38. with our bay area heat wave continuing, it is expecting to be another busy day. while it may seem tempting to cool off in the water, beach patrol is advising people to stay out. ocean beach has notoriously strong rip currents and for visitors that are not used to them it could be a matter of life or death. >> the most common cause of swimmer disstress is season they thought say would get into their knees and they get knocked down and pulled in by a
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rip current. >> a father and son were oversome com by rip currents -- overcome by rip currents and drowned. the latest effort to save water in the bay area involves surfers and showers in pac coo. the city on the san mateo county coast is is reducing the number of shower heads on three beaches. they are very popular spots for bay area surfers. it is 4:39. three sexual attacks at uc berkeley. coming up at 5:00 the campus organizations now under investigation. >> i thought fell down or something. oh gosh. >> stranded 200 feet in the air for two hours. daring rescue to get two bay area window washers back on the ground. >> good morning. right now we are looking at a
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commute where traffic is off to a good start here on the san mateo bridge. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. >> it's very warm already. it's 68 in san francisco. we are going for 91 there. there will be a lot of 90s.
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welcome back everybody. happening today a main figure in the fbi sting operation that led to the indictment of leland yee is back in court. chow has been in jail since the sting operation six months ago. he faces a long list of serious charges.
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bell gardens mayor was arguing with his wife on tuesday. the mayor later died at a local hospital. l.a. vet's lawyer says there was a long secret history of abuse that ended in tragedy this week. >> i think the evidence will cooperate. she has been a victim of domestic violence for many years. >> investigators say that police have no record of any domestic violence calls to the home. >> generally speaking i should know victims of domestic violence are not always ready to pick up the phone and call the police. >> a lawyer for the couples grown daughter and son say they are standing behind their mother and grieving for their father. they were high school sweethearts and had been married for more than 20 years. president obama's former defense secretary is criticizing the president for his handling of iraq. in a new book he says if the white house had listened to his
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advice on u.s. troop levels, the countries security situation may not have unraveled. in 2011 president obama announced virtually all of the u.s. troops in iraq would leave the country by the end of that year. panetta says he argued behind the scene and publicly for a small amount of troops to be left. he says the administration's decision may have contributed to the rise of isis. more flights are expected to be canceled or delayed today across the country due to bad weather in the midwest. and in illinois control center heavily damaged by fire. now air traffic nationwide was snarled yesterday when close to 1,000 flights were canceled at o'hare and midway airports in chicago ahead of the federal aviation administration is scheduled to damage the control center today. a contract employee set fire in the basement telecommunications room before trying to commit suicide last week. repair crews have been working around the clock to fix the
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center but it won't return to full service for another ten days. time is 4:45. and this month marks 25 years since the earthquake and san francisco is trying a new approach aimed at keeping the water running. the city's public utilities commission will test a brand of earthquake resistance iron pipe from japan. it has special joints that can flex and should allow water mays to move when the ground does. the first test will be at san francisco general hospital. >> we thought that was probably the most important facility in the city to make sure that they not only have fire protection, but they have continuous water supply. >> the city all spend nearly $2.5 million to test that pipeline. insulation is expected to start next spring but we won't know if it works if there is another big earthquake in san francisco. oakland firefighters came to the rescue of two if window
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washers that were stuck on a building. the winch on their platform failed and they were stranded. it drew a crowd of anxious onlookers. >> imagine what in the world that felt like and praying to god that all would go well and he would make it over. >> a firefighter repelled down the side of the building, hooked each man up to a rope which pulled them to safety. the firefighter was the last to be brought back over the edge. the rescue went off without a hitch. about 30 people were stuck on a ferris wheel at disney california adventure. they were on mick key's fun wheel when it stopped rotating. some guests were stopped 150 feet in the air. workers were able to manually operate the ride but it did take two hours for even to get back on the ground. still not clear what caused the problem or if the ride will be
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operating today. >> oh boy. don't show that to my wife and four-year-old child. >> i don't think your little ones will be on that one. that is a big one. >> yeah. let's go to sal. hopefully people won't be getting stuck in traffic. >> not right now any way. it's off to a good start. it's nice and early. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no major problems there. and also the traffic is moving well on interstate 880. road work is is not there. road work looks like it's gone for the evening. traffic in both directions moving along here. if you are driving on 580 through the livermore valley it does look pretty good. there are no major problems coming through. as a matter of fact, if you are driving on the nimitz freeway heading south, it's also a good drive. remember the commutes tend to get a lot busier later on. right now is a good time to go. let's go to steve. thank you. a very good morning. the heat advisory is out until
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9:00 tonight. there will be 90s for many today including san francisco. the record is 97 in 1985. so it's already 68 degrees in san francisco. the fire danger even though the breeze is tailed off, it's still going to billion hot with a lot of 90s. humidity will be very low. we do get a north to northeast breeze. so that is all offshore. fog is out there but there is no chance. if there is any fog that forms, i would be shocked. tomorrow maybe. that is high pressure. everything going way up and over. in fact, i hate to say this, but the ten-day outlook is even hotter up north. amazing projections. it looks dry for us. 50s on the temps or 60s. half-moon bay is 55. novato is 50. lows are running a little warmer. yesterday we had a lot of 40s.
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petaluma says 54. if there is any breeze at all, the temp is up. it is calm. most locations say calm. the direction is south and east or northeast. antioch and san francisco the same. yes, they will be about the same temp today. new york city is 55. tomorrow could be a whole different ball game. because you can see there is a really strang system coming in. it will still be warm to hot on
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saturday. today is hot. 90s for many. offshore breeze. 95 santa rosa. 94 in san jose. it will be cooking today. hot today. it does look a little cooler by the coast as we head into the latter part of the weekend. >> the popular hardly strictly bluegrass festival. crews spent yesterday -- it starts today and runs through sunday night. up to 750,000 people are expected to attend a free festival. >> it's incredibly rewarding and just the spirit and energy of people working on a free festival that is a gift to the city is incredible. >> the festival was started by the late philanthropist warren. we have the complete schedule
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on our website. new concerns for a high school near sacramento. >> as a student the last thing i want to worry about is my safety. >> coming up in 20 minutes the controversial business that is going up next that caused students and the district by surprise.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 4:53. for the rest of its season, a youth football team in the south bay will wear special stickers on this their helmets to honor a coach killed by a stray bullet. a large crowd gathered at a san jose school last night to mourn the loss of richard watkins. he was standing outside helping a relative find a parking spot when he was shot. >> he practiced all week with my daughter so he would be out there every saturday or sunday sharing with her. >> he was the last one on the field. he had a lot of energy. he had a big smile on his face. >> each player release the a balloon in memory of watkins. two sex offenders from
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southern california could face the death penalty after authorities say they raped and killed four women all while wearing gps tracking monitors. frank keno and steven gordon were indicted in santa ana late yesterday. both men were wearing the tracking devices for previous sex crimes. this case has raised questions about the effectiveness of gps devices and other forms of parole supervision. four teenagers are in custody accused of slotterring almost 1,000 chickens at a foster farm facility near fresno. gabriel don tore row is the oldest of the four suspects. the teens were arrested yesterday after several tips. they face burglary and felony cruelty to animal charges. already busy bear season in the lake tahoe area exploded
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this week. since wednesday, nine bears were captured near reno and lake tahoe. a tenth was hit and killed by a car yesterday. scientists say bears are searching for food as the on going drought limits their unusual food supplies. since july, 40 black bears have been caught and released. in 2013 there was 90 something. oakland holds its seventh annual free family festival celebrating craft beer tomorrow. the tapping of the first keg will kick off the event at 15:45 -- at 10:45 tomorrow morning. there will be food, artists, dancers, musical entertainment and of course beer. it take place in the four blocks surrounding mccarthur boulevard. >> very clever. i like that.
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coming up next, campaign signs removed. it's all caught on video. >> excuse me, sir, are you stealing those signs? yes, you are. >> the local proposition that has tensions bubbling over in the east bay. >> a potentially deadly virus is now here in the bay area. what parents need to know about the outbreak that is responsible for making hundreds of kids sick. >> right now traffic is still doing very well if you are driving on most commutes. even here on highway 4. it looks good coming up to the willow pass grade. >> twin peaks and south of market are already 70 degrees. it will be a hot one in san francisco. maybe not record setting hot. we'll have forecast for everyone on this friday.
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at least half a dozen homes in san francisco's bay view districts are flooded out after a water main break. we'll tell you what crews are doing right now and how long it will take before everything is repaired. >> five people were sent to the hospital after an early morning crash in pleasant hill. we'll tell you what police say led up to this accident. >> three cases of the enterovirus now confirmed in bay area children. the symptoms parents should be watching out for. >> excuse me sir, are you
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stealing those signs? yes, you are. >> caught in the act how a battle over a hotly debated tax measure is taking an ugly turn in the east's all ahead channel 2 morning news. good morning. i want to take you right out to san francisco. that is not a great way to wake up. water flooding the streets. crews are making emergency repairs now after a water main break that several homes. coming up in a moment, we will check in with ktvu tara moriarty who is out there. she was talking about a moment ago. the force of a water ripped a bump you are off a car. we will take you back out there in a moment. it is friday, october 3rd i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. it will be hot. >> it is going to be hot. we have a


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